High quality Horn for Royal Enfield (Set of 2)

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One of the best horn sets available today. With this you will never have to hear a faulty tone in your horns again. You can now buy this horn set at a reasonable price at amazon. This product takes in around 12 volts of power to function. It has a low tone of around 6 amp which is the maximum frequency in the low tone and the high tone has around 400 hz-500 hz. The sound pressure is at 110 db and the resistance at 3 m/ ohm min. The type of sound provided is trumpet and the harmonic dimension of the horn is 82 mm. You will easily be able to go ahead and use this horn for a long time due to the amazing service which it will provide you with. It is also designed in a very nice way ensuring that it fits properly in the vehicle without causing any hindrance. The Autofy bolex wind tone horn set contains 2 horns and connectors for your usage. This horn set can be perfectly used in any of vehicle of your choice.


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